Market Market Market — Parade Marketing 101

If you are like Parade Cloud, you want your parade to be the event of the year in your community, and while you may have a nice established crowd of spectators already, it could be an even bigger spectacle if you market correctly.

We suggest spending time putting together a marketing campaign to entice people to come and experience your parade. Whether that is through Facebook, hanging up flyers, or taking out ads at a local newspaper level, you want to have a plan in place and understand what is going to be needed financially to promote your parade properly. This will have to be figured out before laying the final budget, as this will give you a basis as to how much money will need to be generated.

We at Parade Cloud truly value social media marketing. In today’s culture of interactions and the generational change into a virtual environment has made it clear that for us, social media platforms are the best way to promote our products and to show support to our users. This does not mean that social media is going to be your best avenue though to promote your parade. If you live in a small inclusive community in the middle of nowhere and the paper is still highly valuable, you may want to consider advertising in both. With print advertising being significantly higher in cost than social media advertising, you have to factor in your audience and how they communicate and receive their information.

A very cost effective way to promote your event, other than on social media platforms, is to blanket your community and the surrounding ones with flyers and posters. Make sure you support your sponsors on those as well because having their logo or company name posted all over the community is another selling point to present when trying to gain their support.

Marketing needs to be looked at from the business owners perspective as well as the spectator’s perspectives.

Business owners want to see the recognition from their participation on the marketing platforms you opt to advertise on. Spectators will want to see and know the size of the event and what they can expect to experience when they come to your parade. Finding a balance between the two is what will create the optimal result you are looking for and what will, in turn, bring people back year after year.

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